7 SEO Tips for a Brand New Website

I’m convinced that SEO is the best way to grow a business. Whether it’s an eCommerce store, in-person service business, or a recipe blog, you’ll have a steady stream of new potential customers without spending money on ads if you can get traffic coming to you from Google and other search engines. You can also … Read more

How To Get Traffic From Social Media Platforms

Building significant traffic for your blog requires planning and organization, especially on social media platforms. The process comes at a cost, and when you are on a budget, it can be tricky to get the traffic you wish to achieve by paid advertisements. The more frequently your presence is felt on social media, the more … Read more

Concerns about the future of digital life?

Concerns about the future of digital life? The comments in the following section are a sharp contrast to the utopian visions of equity and advancement described above. Whereas some see the future of the internet as a great equalizer, others warn that technology can just as quickly be used for control and exploitation. Inequality on … Read more